Class 10th English Subjective Question

[Supplementary Reader] Love Defiled (By Giridhar Jha) Subjective Question 2023|| BSEB Class 10th NCERT English Solution

Q. 1. How did the narrator defile love ?

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Ans⇒ The narrator loved his girlfriend passionately for eight years. He refused to marry her because his parents and relatives were opposed to their marriage. He defined love by betraying his girlfriend.

Q. 2. Has the goodness of someone ever made you feel very mean? Explain.

Ans⇒ Yes, goodness of some elder members in my family and friends have made me to realize my follies and mistakes. I learn much from my elders, senior friends and teachers.

Q. 3. “Live in relationship is against our social values’. Explain.

Ans⇒ On the basis of the story ‘Love Defiled’ ‘live in relation ship is against our social values’. The meaning of this line is ‘without permission of parents, getting, married and living in relationship is against social values.

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Q. 4. Was the narrator honest in his relation with the girl ?

Ans⇒ The narrator loved the girl passionately for eight years but he betrayed her. He refused to marry her owing to parental opposition. So, he was not honest in his relation with the girl.

Q. 5. Why did the narrator leave the girl he loved so passionately ? Was he honest in his relation ?

Ans⇒ The narrator left the girl he loved so passionately because his parrents and relatives opposed their marriage. .

Q. 6. Why did the narrator give up the ambition to become an IAS officer ?

Ans⇒ The narrator gave up the ambition to become an I.A.S. Officer, because he had an impartial assessment of his grey cells, coupled with his ability to burn the midnight oil. He had already decided to spare the bureoucracy from himself falling back, upon journalism, which his girlfriend always wanted him to pursue.

Q. 7. ‘For the first time in my life, I realised I was also ugly from within and despite our eight years togetherness, her goodness had not rubbed off on me in any way.’ What made the narrator feel so?

Ans⇒ The narrator betrayed the girl he loved for eight years but she forgave him. When her marriage was fixed, she invited him to her wedding reception. He met her husband who was a handsome IAS officer. The narrator was filled with remorse becuase the girl had forgiven him. So, the narrator realised that he was also ugly from within.

Q.8. “The louder I talked about my virtues, the faster I made a fool of myself.’ Sketch the character of the narrator in the light of his statement. Or, Give a character-sketch of the narrator of the story ‘Love Defiled.

Ans⇒ The character of the narrator of the story ‘Love Defiled’ is not impressive. He was selfish and mean. When he talked about his imaginary virtues, he made a fool of himself. He was not sincere in his love. He loved a beautiful girl for eight years. He refused to marry her owing to parental opposition to their marriage. The girl loved her deeply but he betrayed her.

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